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    Mental health recovery happens here!

Laurel Hill Center is here to help

We are our clients’ mental health partners – providing the essential support you ask for, exactly when you need it.

For 45 years, Laurel Hill Center has committed to helping people who struggle with psychiatric disabilities. We know that there is no single recovery plan that fits everyone, and not just one way to rebuild a life. We help you nurture the life you want and become self-reliant on your own terms.

“They treat us as people,” one client said. “They draw out of us what we need, and then help us use the abilities we already have and enhance those skills to help ourselves.”

It’s all about you

We are a one-stop community resource, helping you meet a variety of needs from physical and emotional to financial and social. At Laurel Hill Center, you will follow a self-directed path and a pace that’s right for you.

Our client DonNell participates in the InSHAPE program. In just a few months, she has built muscle, lost weight and gained self-esteem.

“It makes me feel wonderful. It makes me feel successful,” DonNell said. “It just makes me feel better about myself.”

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