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Laurel Hill Center is committed to helping people with psychiatric disabilities make choices and acquire skills that increase their self-reliance and ability to live and work in the community. That is our mission, and the work we do each day reflects it.

Experienced mental health professionals will help you set and achieve the goals you have for yourself. Then we will assist you in overcoming challenges to your mental health recovery, as well as help you build a safe and satisfying life. This includes working with you to find stable housing, secure employment, improve fitness, manage health conditions and explore your interests.

Our community-based services include:
  • Community Support Services
  • Supported Employment
  • Pathways Learning & Wellness Center
  • Assertive Community Treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Support in Crisis
  • Wellness, featuring InSHAPE
  • HUD Subsidized Housing

As our client Rhonda said, “I’m not fully recovered yet … but I’m well on my way. And I’m feeling stronger every day.”

How can my services be paid for?

Participants are typically enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). We are unable to accept private insurance or Medicare. We have some scholarship funding at times and encourage individuals interested in scholarships for services to contact Laurel Hill Center for availability.

Can you help me apply for the Social Security Income (SSI)?

Recovery Specialists can help you apply for this assistance.

Do you have a psychiatrist or a nurse practitioner who can prescribe medications?

Yes, we have psychiatric nurse practitioners who can prescribe and adjust medications.

Where do I go for services?

Our building at 2145 Centennial Plaza in Eugene, Oregon includes staff offices and the Pathways Learning Center. However, providing community-based services means Recovery Specialists and participants more frequently work together in the community.

Can you pay for my rent?

No, but Community Support Services staff can help you obtain affordable housing and learn to budget your money.

How can I apply for your HUD-subsidized housing?

The Laurel Grove and Laurel Court Apartments are HUD-subsidized, one-bedroom units in Eugene providing supported housing to adults with mental illnesses. Find more information here.

Can you provide me with rides to places I need to go?

The major way we assist people with transportation needs is familiarizing them with riding the bus. As part of our community skill development focus, we may also provide transportation to places to help you learn how to do things like shop for healthy food on a budget.

Can you get me a job?

Staff Employment Specialists are skilled at helping people determine the kind of work they want to do and in helping them with effective job searches. Support continues once you’re employed to help problem-solve work issues.

Can you help me go back to school?

We can assist you in going back to school by helping you identify and apply for educational programs and financial assistance. We also provide support in becoming comfortable with the campus environment and problem-solving needs like transportation, registering for classes and accessing student support services.

Can you help my child or teenager?

We primarily help adults 18 and older. We can refer you to mental health agencies for children and families.

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