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Assertive Community Treatment

Suzy came to Laurel Hill Center with a complex history that included mental illness and drug addiction. She needed intensive help.

Our Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team combines mental health counseling, employment services, nursing, substance abuse counseling, medication management and peer support. If you are experiencing the most complicated and severe symptoms – including repeat hospitalizations and chronic homelessness – these services will help you to repair your life.

You will receive care that is specific to your needs. This might include help performing daily living activities, managing medication, achieving and maintaining sobriety, and finding a job. We also provide peer support, after-hours assistance and individual, group and family counseling services. You can find stability through the program and build the skills to increase your independence.

For Suzy, that has meant having stable housing, being sober, rediscovering her creativity and reconnecting with her family.

“I eat better now. I sleep better. I can hold my head up,” Suzy said. “I had such self-loathing that my spirit wasn’t very bright. It’s starting to shine.”