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Community Support Services


When a woman in her 40s found Laurel Hill Center, she was homeless and desperate for help but scared to trust people.

She needed a warm, gentle approach – and she found that at Laurel Hill.

As with this client, Skilled Recovery Specialists, Peer Support Specialists and Community Health Workers will adapt to your needs, asking you to share your own goals and helping you to move forward.

Laurel Hill Center has 45 years of expertise in helping people achieve mental health recovery. We do this using real-life experiences in our community to help you build confidence, hope, independence and the resiliency to face future challenges.

Some examples of how Community Support Services can help with day-to-day living include:

  • Obtaining and keeping benefits
  • Finding safe, affordable housing
  • Budgeting, shopping and learning to prepare healthy food
  • Accessing, scheduling and following up on medical appointments and doctor recommendations
  • Achieving personal goals

“It’s completely different than the whole system out there,” said this client, who now has her own apartment, a job that makes her happy and has healed some of the emotional scars from years of abuse. “I’ve learned how to trust.”