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Supported Employment

Job SupportAmy is talented and educated, yet her bipolar and anxiety disorders have made it difficult to go through the steps needed to find a meaningful job.

At Laurel Hill Center, supported employment professionals understand how mental illness can make finding a job feel daunting. We also know that having stable employment is a valuable part of building your self-sufficiency, community connections and the feelings of success that can help you with mental health recovery.

Employment Specialists will guide you through each step to reaching your goals, while doing it at your own speed. This includes helping you find a good job match based on skills and preference, and providing support during the search process and after hiring.

We will assist you with finding job openings, coping with job-search pressures, researching pay and benefits, submitting applications, preparing for interviews and building connections with employers. We will continue to support you once you are in the job.

Amy now feels there is someone specifically looking out for her and helping her to build the life she wants.

“It can be very, very difficult,” Amy said. “Laurel Hill’s helping me to improve skills that are basic to living life.”