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Laurel Hill’s Wellness Program and InSHAPE

When our client Jess works out, she feels a sense of peace, imagining that she’s kayaking on a lake or hiking through the mountains.

Jess wants to make good food choices, gain fitness and lose weight. A member of Laurel Hill’s new InSHAPE program, she is working toward her wellness goals with the guidance of a health coach and a gym membership. Part of a national project, InSHAPE was designed to help you and others struggling with mental illness to improve physical health, including decreasing obesity and reducing cardiovascular risks.

InSHAPE is just one part of our Wellness Program. We also can work with your doctors to test for and monitor major illnesses. We have a registered nurse, nurse practitioner and wellness coordinator, and offer healthy living classes, groups and activities through our Pathways Learning & Wellness Center. Laurel Hill will work with you on your personal health concerns, including quitting or cutting back on smoking and coordinating dental and health care.

Together, these services can make it easier for you to live a healthier life.

“Everyone here – in the InSHAPE program, all the staff – they treat us as people,” Jess said. “They draw out of us what we need and then help us use the abilities we already have to enhance those skills to help ourselves.”