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Laurel Hill Center’s volunteers provide numerous hours to keep our programs going. It makes a huge difference to us – and they say it makes them feel great, too.

Many of our volunteers serve on our Board of Directors or our Clients’ Council. We also have volunteers who are peer mentors or instructors at the Pathways Learning & Wellness Center. Others help on a variety of diverse projects, including gardening, washing cars, painting walls and assisting at events. They include community members and clients who want to give back.

Lynda came to Laurel Hill Center for counseling to help with depression. She found purpose as a volunteer in our food pantry.

“It makes me feel more confident in myself when I help somebody,” Lynda said. “I feel pretty good about myself.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, call our volunteer coordinator at (541) 485-6340. We can help find the perfect role for you. To volunteer, print and complete the volunteer application and return it to Laurel Hill Center.


Laurel Hill Center partners with colleges and universities, providing learning and training internships in mental and physical health programs. For more information about health intern opportunities, contact the Wellness Coordinator. To learn about Behavioral Health intern opportunities, contact the Behavioral Health Coordinator. They may be reached at (541) 485-6340.

Laurel Hill Center Volunteer/Intern Application